Family Activities 

Family Activities


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity for the whole family. Search all throughout the house to see how many items you can find!

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air. Gather your family and explore your neighbourhood. Look high and low to see how many items you can find on the list.

Seven Sacred Teachings Colouring Sheets

The Seven Sacred Teachings are a set of teachings on how humans should interact and treat themselves, each other and the world around them. Traditionally, these were teachings needed for a community to thrive, however, these teachings are just as important today. These teachings remind us of the connections we hold with land, nature, and animals. Enjoy coloring animals and learning about the teachings.

Easter Colouring Sheets

Easter Colouring Sheets

Get into the Easter spirit and colour these printable colouring sheets with your family. Brighten your home with eggs, bunnies and baskets.

Spring Word Search

Spring has sprung! Take some time to search for words related to spring. This is a fun activity for both young and old. There’s 18 words in total – can you find them all?

Mi’kmaq Eight-Point Star Colour by Number

The eight-point star is used as a cultural symbol, but also as a design emblem. Many Mi’kmaq artists use the star to decorate baskets, drums, blankets, moccasins, etc.


Create your own by following this colour by number activity! Use crayons, markers, paint, oil pastels, etc.